Introducing Puddletown Playworks!

Hello friends.  I am thrilled to share the beginnings of this new company, Puddletown Playworks.

I grew up playing in the woods, building forts, scaling snow banks, and stomping in puddles!  And I have hear thousands of similar heartfelt stories from other folks sharing their memories of play.  Somehow many of these kinds of experiences are unavailable to kids growing up today.  This is the problem that we want to solve.

Over the many years of working in the field of children's play environments I have had the privilege to visit many inspiring play yards, to participate in some amazing Playground projects, and to learn from some incredible Playworkers.   I am excited to bring this experience into the service of children's play through this company.  My goals are to help folks create wonderful spaces for play.  And I I will need your help.

Let's work together and see what happens!


Talk to you soon,