A Treehouse Canopy Climber for the Fairbanks Children’s Museum!

This new Climbing Exhibit at the Fairbanks Children's Museum began as an idea of the founder and former director Brenda Riley in 2017. We brainstormed ideas and visited several other Children's Museums for inspiration.
In 2018 I completed 3 conceptual designs that were presented to the Museum community. Museum patrons and kids voted on their favorite elements of each design and provided amazing feedback. I then combined all of the great ideas together into this final design, The Treehouse Canopy!

This design brings many elements that I have worked with in outdoor Natural Playscape projects indoors to the Museum setting. These features include Climbing Trees, the Treehouse Deck, and the woven Willow Nest. The vision was to have an installation that invokes the landscape of interior Alaska, provides a variety of play opportunities for kids of all abilities, and engages children's imagination in an unforgettable way.

I was so pleased to work with some amazing craftsmen on this installation. The team included Devin Meyers a Museum Exhibit professional, as well as some amazing local woodworking talent from Stefan Milkowski and David Jonas. All of the logs and lumber for this project was sourced in the local Fairbanks area.

This project was especially significant to me because I was raised in Fairbanks! It was so special to be able to go back home and contribute something to the kids growing up there today! And I am looking forward to more Museum exhibit projects in the future.