Where did you love to play?


Thinking back to when you were a kid...

Was there one place you remember loving to play?

What was that place like?

What kinds of things did you do there?

Please share your stories in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Where did you love to play?”

  1. In NYC, I grew up playing indoors most of the time. My most memorable play experiences, however, were those summer afternoons or evenings spent in the courtyard of my building or on a green patch in the park across the street. While the adults socialized, us neighborhood kids dug holes in the dirt, climbed over fallen logs or lamp-posts, or crouched in bushes we imagined were homes or forts.

  2. I LOVED to play in the stream behind my house. Making bridges for the birds and squirrels, moving rocks to change the water flow, stacking the slippery rocks as high as I could, and using sticks to try to dig out pools deep enough to sit or swim in in were my favorite things to do. My mom used to sit with her toes in the water and watch. The water was cold and fresh, and we were surrounded by forest, or “woods” as they are called back east. I imagined a lot of worlds and I remember that I often made up a job I had to do. I’d tell my mom I had to make a swimming pool for turtles or that I was going to make a new bridge for her to cross without getting her shoes wet.

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