We can work with you in a variety of ways to help create the amazing playscape your kids deserve!

We can help you create a beautiful, sensory-rich playscape that engages kids and connects them to nature.  A place that captures the imagination and inspires creative exploration!  Whether it is a full Schoolyard Master Plan of design of a single Play Element, we can work with you to bring your dreams into reality.

We offer trainings, presentations & hands-on workshops on topics relating to natural playscapes, risk on the playground, and how you can create an amazing play environment for children!

We want to help you support children's play through the creation of amazing playscapes!  Do you need advice on you playground project?  Do you need support in transforming the culture of outdoor play time?  Are you interested in ways to connect kids with nature through play or provide access to more appropriately risky play?  We can help!


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