We offer trainings, presentations & hands-on workshops on topics relating to natural playscapes, risk on the playground, and how you can create an amazing play environment for children!

Here are examples of some recent trainings:

Risk and Adventure in the Outdoor Play Environment

Kids love to take risks!  Appropriate risk-taking can be a vital part of learning boundaries, control, and self-regulation.  This training will address the developmental and educational benefits of risky play as well as strategies to maintain a safe play environment.  We will examine topics such as loose parts, hazards in the landscape, evaluating and managing risk, as well as communicating with parents.


Creating your own Natural Playscape

Playing outdoors is vital for the healthy development of young children!  In this workshop, we will examine how the play yard can be transformed into a learning-landscape that supports healthy brain and body development.  By inviting nature into the playground, we can provide a full range of rich play possibilities that engage kids in ways that no play structure can.  We will look at examples of how to engage the community to help transform the play yard into a vibrant Natural Playscape, even on a limited budget!


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